Select the domain naming characters

Select the domain naming characters

What we confirmed that all the 4-letter domains are registered. We haven’t tried numbers, dashes, or IDNs, just 26 letters of the English alphabet. This takes us to 456,976 combinations or domains.

Not to mention that 3-letter and 2-letter domains are long gone. So, if you want to switch gears and register other domain names, here’s a list of good domain registrars.

4-letter domains are also known in the domaining industry under the jargon LLLL.COM or 4L. So for example, 0COS.COM wouldn’t be a LLLL.COM domain. Also LLLL.COM doesn’t mean literal domain but a representation of a group of domains.

Right now, your best bet to get a 4-letter .com domain name is from a domain investor.

L = letter
C = Consonant
V = Vowel

5. CVVV, CCVV, CCCV, VCCC, VVCC, VVVC… (these are more often named LLLLs)

What are popular 4 letter domains? (CVCV), (CVCC), (CCCC or LLLL), (CVCC).

Especially popular (worth more) CVCV domains are where the same consonant and vowel are repeated. Bobo, Gogo, Zaza, Vivi, etc. They are short, memorable and easily pronounceable.

However, it goes without mentioning that the most expensive 4-letter domains are 4-letter generic words: cars, boat, card, dogs, cats etc.

It goes so far that there is a general consensus among domainers, and letter frequency statistics also indicate, that there are premium letters, average letters, and bad letters.

  • Premium letters: a b c d e f g h i l m n o p r s t
  • Average letters: j k u v w
  • Bad letters: q x y z

If you want a short 4-letter domain, that is memorable and easily pronounceable, you are probably going to have to shell out some serious cash in the aftermarket. Do you own any 4-letter domains? Let us know in the comments.

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