Evaluate your website

Evaluate your website

Why it is so important to evaluate your website?

Your website is your image or identity on the World Wide Web. As a marketing tool you have to find out periodically whether you get the intended benefits or not.

Why do you have to update your website?

Presenting an image which is time-worn may not evoke the desired response from visitors. Therefore, there has to be periodical changes reflecting latest developments and trends so that people pause to take a second look.

How to do it?

To win the continuous support of your users, maintain an update schedule for your website, so that the content remains fresh and active. By doing this you will have a wider business reach as compared to your competitors.

The crucial areas to look for are

• Website re-design
• Compatibility test
• User engagement
• Regular updates of your gallery
• Maintain an update on your product and services
• Search engine optimization

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